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Join Martin Louw for a Holiday of a Lifetime Our various “African Big Carp Holiday” Packages are specially designed to let you experience the adventure of Carp fishing while enjoying activities like wildlife viewing and sightseeing for the family. Stunning Carp Fishing in the Klaserie & Tzaneen dams with a bonus of being on the doorstep of the world famous Kruger National Park.  This enables you and your family to enjoy the tranquillity of an African sunset next to the water or view the big 5 in the Kruger Park.
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Martin Louw, a legendary Carp Angler has developed the Advanced Martin Louw Toffee Apple carp fishing dips which are responsible for him banking the biggest carp ever caught in South Africa and holding the current SA Carp record at 65lbs.  Martin also holds the previous S.A. carp 3 records therefore this is no lucky catch but rather a serious specimen hunter. As you know, South-African waters are home to some of the world’s wildest, most beautiful monster Carp. This has given Martin the opportunity over the past +20 years to develop the Advanced Martin Louw Carp Fishing Baits system.  This product has been designed to attract carp into the feeding area and trigger them into picking up your hook baits, resulting in an increase of “big carp” on the bank. Most carp anglers believe that adding preservatives to your feed & bait will chase carp away.  While this may be true for some chemical preservatives the Advanced Martin Louw Fishing Baits preservative, is a high natural food grade preservative with flavours Carps will love.  Carp will be naturally attracted to the proteins & amino acids, as they often have vitamin & mineral deficiencies. Martin grew up using conventional fishing methods, but later on started targeting specimen carp. These Advanced Martin Louw Toffee Apple fishing dips have been developed and tested for all facets of carp angling, so that carp of any size will simply not resist! The most constant results over the years have been achieved by 36 flavour variants that Martin has selected and chosen to produce. Advanced Martin Louw Toffee Apple fishing dips gives you the best chance of success at any water. Adding this range to your tackle box will make your bait highly attractive to carp.
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Martin Louw Advanced Dips & Baits
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Beware of Imitations.
Beware of imitations
This is the only Martin Louw endorsed website where you can find his range of Advanced Martin Louw Dips & Baits for the Traditional and Species Angler.
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